Krohne Inor Lands  

Order to the World's 

Largest Concentrating  

Solar Power Plant    


Inor Process AB (Krohne Inor) has won a major order within solar energy.
Approx. 1100 temperature measuring points in the Solana project

will be equipped with Krohne Inor's sensors and transmitters.


The Solana Generating Station Project is a 280 MW solar energy plant of so

called CSP-typ (Concentrating Solar Power) which is being built outside of

Phoenix, Arizona in USA. The plant will be built and owned by Spanish

Abengoa Solar and will be the biggest CSP plant in the world. Hen running in

full it will be providing power to 70 000 households.


KROHNE Inor has won a major solar project:

1.100 temperature measuring points in the Solana project will be

equipped with KROHNE INOR sensors and transmitters.


The Solana Generating Station Project is a 280 megawatts concentrating

solar power (CSP) plant, located 70 miles southwest of Phoenix, Arizona,

USA. Built and owned by the Spanish company Abengoa Solar, it is the

largest single CSP plant in the world.


With delivery starting in May 2012, the temperature sensors will be used to

control and monitor temperatures in the salt tanks. At night or when sun is

not out, the heat energy stored in the salt will be used for continuous power

supply to the plant's customers.


Next to heavy-duty industrial sensors, KROHNE INOR will deliver tailored

squid- and multipoint sensors with lengths up to 32 metres.


The order also includes over 900 OPTITEMP TT 51 temperature transmitters, featuring high accuracy and long-term stability as well as diagnostic and

back-up functions for high process safety.


"By choosing KROHNE INOR, Abengoa Solar went for a supplier that has

proven experience in equipping solar plants, especially CSPs, of this size,"

says Benny Björkander, General Manager of KROHNE INOR.


"Solarenergy is gaining importance globally in an effort of preserving our

natural resources. Therefore, winning a project of this size is a success

based on our strategy to be a leading instrumentation provider in large-scale sensor projects," he states.


For further information please contact:
Benny Björkander (CEO)
Tel.: + 46 40 312 501
Fax: + 46 40 312 570

INOR goes wireless

Konfigurations-Kit zur Bluetooth-Konfiguration

ICON-BT ist das Bluetooth-Modem von INOR, für die drahtlose Kommunikation zwischen Smartphones / Tablets und den neusten Temperatur-transmittern von INOR.

Mit der App INOR-Connect können die Transmitter konfiguriert werden, während diese noch im Prozess montiert sind. Ein Ausbau ist nicht nötig. 

6mm Temperaturtransmitter zur Schienenmontage    

INOR erweitert mit der 6mm-Serie die Produktpalette der Temperaturtransmitter zur Schienenmontage.


Durch das nur 6,2 mm schmale

Gehäuse erreicht der Anwender eine sehr hohe Packungsdichte  im Schaltschrank.

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Der kompakte analoge 2-Draht Temperaturtransmitter mit PT100 Eingang bietet das gleiche Leistungsspektrum wie Kopf-Transmitter und dies bei einem Bruchteil der Größe und des Gewichts.

IPAQ-C202 /R202

Preiswerter, digitaler Transmitter mit herausragenden Produkteigenschften.

Anzeigen für den

Feldeinsatz auch

als "Ex-Version"

oder als Kopfanzeige


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